Introduction While preparing reports or analysing data, it becomes a task to do calculations manually or separately on a calculator. Microsoft Excel enables its users to do all the calculations in the software using Excel formulas while preparing reports or analysing the data. Excel is a widely used software application used in corporate offices and businesses to help employees ease their work. Here is a list of top MS Excel Formulas that are extremely useful. Learning and applying these formulas while working on Excel will help you upskill and work efficiently. Useful MS Excel Formula 1. SUM This function performs the mathematical operation of addition on the selected cell values. For example: To get the sum of items mentioned in column A, you have to simply type in the function ”=SUM(A2:A5)”. This will automatically add the content fill in cell A2 to A5, and the total will be displayed in…

The job market in India has changed a lot over the past 20 years. International companies have set up their businesses and have started many developments, such as off-shoring and shared services centres. These companies are oretail/e-commerce diverse domains, which include IT services, high-tech engineering, software products, captives, banking, and consulting. This is the result of globalization and has created the opportunity for individuals to not only cater to the domestic market but also cater to any market around the globe.

Extra-curricular activities in today’s world have certainly advanced. They would include sports, music, drama, debates, photography, arts & crafts, dance, stand-up comedy, creative writing, and bodybuilding. People get into these activities as early as kindergarten, and do these activities stop? Well, to be honest, sometimes these activities just don’t stop!

A career in data science is enriching and resilient to significant global changes. In fact, the demand for data scientists increased exponentially during Covid-19 and the recent global economic recession. When unemployment rates were at their highest during the pandemic, data science professionals took home a base annual salary of almost $200,000 as individual contributors and a yearly salary of up to $300,000 as managers. Unlike other conventional jobs, a career in data science demands the right skills, advanced knowledge, and experience.

Congratulations on being called for an interview; now is your chance to shine and get your dream job. As it is the first time the applicant meets the hiring or recruitment manager, the interview is the most crucial part of the hiring process. So, you’ll need to make a terrific first impression, know everything about the organization and its product, and know how to explain that you’re the best candidate for the job.

The first 1000 customers are the most crucial for startups. Once startups build a customer base of the first 1000 customers, it is relatively easier to establish a business. Building the base is also the biggest challenge because nobody knows about your company or your product. You must convince them to give it a try. Amidst managing other aspects of your business, it is essential for the customer retention team to pay attention to promotional activities in order to gain loyal customers.