Data Science and Analytics


Introduction While preparing reports or analysing data, it becomes a task to do calculations manually or separately on a calculator. Microsoft Excel enables its users to do all the calculations in the software using Excel formulas while preparing reports or analysing the data. Excel is a widely used software application used in corporate offices and businesses to help employees ease their work. Here is a list of top MS Excel Formulas that are extremely useful. Learning and applying these formulas while working on Excel will help you upskill and work efficiently. Useful MS Excel Formula 1. SUM This function performs the mathematical operation of addition on the selected cell values. For example: To get the sum of items mentioned in column A, you have to simply type in the function ”=SUM(A2:A5)”. This will automatically add the content fill in cell A2 to A5, and the total will be displayed in…

Most of us are now aware of chatbots. When we type our questions into a chatbot assistant, it automatically provides relevant answers to our questions. The same goes for some of the modern-day internet search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now, The question arises how do these search engines understand our texts and provide very accurate answers at such a scale. OK, let me type this question into Google and let us see what I get as an answer.

A career in data science is enriching and resilient to significant global changes. In fact, the demand for data scientists increased exponentially during Covid-19 and the recent global economic recession. When unemployment rates were at their highest during the pandemic, data science professionals took home a base annual salary of almost $200,000 as individual contributors and a yearly salary of up to $300,000 as managers. Unlike other conventional jobs, a career in data science demands the right skills, advanced knowledge, and experience.

It is important to show your prospective employer that you have got most of the skills under your belt already. If your resume does not reflect the skills that the employer is looking for, chances are that it would go automatically under the rejection pile.