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Learn Everything About Vendor Management Inventory

Learn the concepts and applications of Vendor Managed Inventory

Supply Chain Management
Vendor Managed Inventory
Course Content

What is VMI ?

Types of VMI

VMI as a Business Practice & Supply Chain Strategy – Origin, Concepts & Benefits

VMI Work Process Flow at a Logistics Service Provider

VMI as a Supply Chain Practice in Different Industries

Common Deviations and Right Practices to Avoid Discrepancies

Roles and Responsibilities of a VMI Coordinator

About this Course

When it comes to stock levels and replenishment, we all depend on vendors in some shape or form. Whether we're talking about raw materials for production processes or the merchandise that sustains our retail operations, due to the pressures of growth, increased competition and just sheer survival, keeping tabs on how much of what's on hand can be a challenge for large and small businesses alike.

Vendor managed inventory is a supply chain management strategy where you trust your vendor to provide you with just enough inventory.

In this course, we'll help you develop an in-depth knowledge of VMI and learn how it can be applied to your business.

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